Mock-Up Perfume Shoot, 2023
This collection of images was shot in a professional prop studio. They were shot as part of a professional mock-up perfume campaign. Real flowers and shredded petals, in combination with blue lighting sheets, were used to align with the essence of the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh scent.
Mock-Up YSL Perfume Campaign, 2022
These images mock a YSL Perfume campaign. Shot in a home bathroom, these images use a mix of ambient lighting and post production editing to create the golden hue that embodies the essence of the YSL Libre scent.
Mock-Up YSL Brand Campaign, 2022
A collection of images used as a mock-up YSL Campaign. The back drop for these images is set in beautiful Hampstead, using the architecture of the area to create a grungy backdrop, working hand in hand with the models poses, facial expressions and outfit.
And She Too Will Suffocate, 2022
From the Project 'And She too Will Suffocate', which investigated the damaging effects that cosmetic packaging has on the planet. These images were part of a final PDF, which were used to draw attention to the fact that if the planet dies, so will we, using a fusion of abstract imagery and bold props.
Mock-Up Off-White Sustainable Denim Line, 2022
From a mock 'Off-White' sustainable denim campaign. The aim of this shoot was to present a new sustainable denim line for luxury brand Off-White.

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