Dissertation, 2023
This comprehensive study delves deep into 'The Role of Fashion Marketing in Promoting Negative Body Image in Gen-Z Females'. This work includes looking at the key drivers behind fashion marketing's impact on young girls, including the historical perspective. It explores the physical and psychological health implications, alongside, includes a primary research study, consisting of surveys and focus groups. 
Full PDF available upon request.
Lululemon Brand Extension Proposal, 2023
This work is a hypothetical brand extension proposal for Canadian sports wear brand, Lululemon. The main idea behind this proposal, was to introduce a pop-up event, called the Lulu Playground, in which Lululemon would showcase the full versatility of its products, using different stands, in which different sport classes would be held. This would help Lululemon reach a wider customer base, and give the 'yoga' oriented brand a new identity when it comes to sports.
Full PDF available upon request.

Gymshark Brand Book, 2023
This brand book is a hypothetical brand book, for British founded sportswear brand, Gymshark. The brand book was designed to cater to the brands current identity and values, including the proposal of a new proposition to promote the brand. This proposal was the idea of opening three new gyms in prestigious locations around central London. These gyms would be exclusive to Gymshark customers and would provide a unique fitness experience that combines only the most advanced and high-quality equipment, expert training, and a supportive, safe and vibrant community.
Full PDF available upon request.
Sustainability Study, 2022
This study is on The ‘Green & Clean beauty’ movement. This movement has been on a steep rise over the past decade due to an increase in societal pressure to try and ‘un-do’ the damage done to the earths environment. Gen-Z and Millennials have been the leaders in this shift, and prioritise their focus on creating a better planet, not only themselves but their future generations too. 
Full PDF available upon request.

Portfolio on Waste Produced by The Beauty Industry, 2022
This portfolio is part of the image collection, 'And She Too Will Suffocate', which showcases the effects of beauty packaging waste, on the environment, using a human model to demonstrate the tragic effects.
More Images available in Photography section, and full PDF available upon request.
Mock Magazine, 2021
This early work is a mock-up magazine that looks into 'The World of Catwalks. It features three main topics; the four global Fashion Week events, Toxicity on The Runway, and Political Messages. It is one of Indigo's first submissions at Regent's University London.
Full PDF available upon request.

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